Our three ‘kids’ – Max the Labradoodle, Snowy the Groodle and Pepsi the Great Dane – love Happy Paws Fitness and have done so since its inception. When the Happy Paws Fitness van pulls up at the front door each morning, they are beyond excited to jump in the back and head off with Julia or one of her team. Snowy, Max and Pepsi get so much love, attention, fun and exercise, that at times we don’t think they want to come back home at the end of the day. We could not be happier with Happy Paws Fitness.

Richard & Sandie Wiesel - Parents of Max the Labradoodle, Snowy the Groodle and Pepsi the Grate Dane

Bronte adores all the staff at Happy Paws Fitness. Having a professional and fun team looking after our girl is invaluable. It is comforting to know that they always go the extra mile for her whether it is Saturday bath time, Centennial Park walks, or playtime at doggy day care.

- Mum and Dad of Bronte, the Husky X

Happy Paws Fitness has been Bonnie’s second home since she was a puppy and she loves her time at day care. On each visit, she is greeted by people who are genuinely committed to her happiness and well-being; she walks and plays with her four-legged friends, and comes home tired and content. Happy Paws Fitness has greatly enriched Bonnie’s life.

Clare Loewenthal - Mum to Bonnie the Cocker Spaniel

I work long hours in the city which might have made life lonely for my two French Bulldogs. Julia and her wonderful team at Happy Paws Fitness changed all that. They pick them up in the morning and drop them home in the evening after a day of socialising and they arrive home tired and happy. Julia keeps a close eye on them, even to the extent of taking them to an excellent vet if she suspects something is amiss (after checking with me first, of course)! I couldn’t be happier and the same goes for Roxy and Bruiser.

Michael Gorman - Dad to Bruiser and Roxy the French Bulldogs

“Banksy absolutely loves his time with the Happy Paws Fitness crew, be it a walk in the park or a full session at doggy day care. And best of all, he always comes home happy … and tired! Great people + great service = one happy dog!”

Andrew & Kerrie-Ann Jones - Mum and Dad to Banksy the Pug