Maternity Assistance




“Bennett loves his group walks. He races to met Sam at the door and comes back tired and happy after running around with friends. This year we have welcomed our first baby, and when Bennett is on his walk with Sam we know he is out and about, getting proper exercise, which has made the transition that much easier. We have appreciated the care, flexibility and responsiveness of the team. Thanks Happy Paws for your excellent service” – Elizabeth & Charlie 

At Happy Paws, many of our clients are at the stage of life where a little one is on the way.   Unfortunately for our furry friends, the addition of a human baby to the family can often mean a big change in routine, focus for the family, and further time constrictions on the family members responsible for the walking or spending time with their pup.  This can occasionally lead to mood or behavioural issues in some dogs which can have a great impact on the whole family.. a such a busy and often stressful time, let us be here to help you and keep your furrbaby on track! Here is How-

Pre-Natal Period

Do you have any of the following appointments on your horizon?

  • Meetings with your midwife
  • Doctor or hospital appointments
  • Ultrasound check ups
  • Baby shower
  • Family coming to stay

We offer dog walking and short stay (2 hour or half day options) at daycare, as well as holiday care from overnight to several weeks at a time if needed for times when the house might be getting a tad too busy for your pup!


Labour & Hospital Stay 

If you don’t have a friend or family member on call for when the time comes, we can arrange one of our staff to do overnight care for your dog so you don’t need to worry about this loved one at this critical time!


Post Natal Period

Due to the increase of Cesarian Section births ( and their impact on a mother’s ability to travel and exercise for up to 6 weeks), this period may be the most important for your dogs care.

Do you have:

  • Post Surgery rest requirements
  • A multitude of guests and family visits
  • Family meet and greets with your newborn
  • A christening or other cultural event
  • Post Natal Doctors appointments & check ups for your baby
  • The inability to drive

At happy paws, we can facilitate the first few months post baby arrival to help you and your dog ease into a new routine. Our pick up and drop home service for daycare, or our drop in and walk service can both be great options if you aren’t mobile for a little while, and for owners of larger (and stronger or more energetic dogs) who may prove a challenge to walk, let us take the stress out for you, while still giving your dog the stimulation & exercise they need!