Our Pawlosophy

We believe a fit dog is healthy dog that will hopefully live its full life with out any major health problems, just like us dogs need a healthy diet and exercise to avoid any nasty diseases.

A dog that can run, play and behave like a dog is a happy dog. We believe your dog is unique and has its own personality and its own needs. That’s why, at Happy Paws Fitness, we like to go that bit extra and tailor our programs to suit each of our four legged customers. That way, you can rest easy that your pet is getting the right amount of exercise and plenty of company while you’re away. 
We’re here to make your life easier and your pet happier.

Our emphasis is on the whole dog, we like to start with what is going in as “fuel”, we then focus on what type of exercise would benefit your particular dog and then we formulate a plan that is easy to follow.

Our staff are very passionate about your pets, they treat each one as if they are their own.

We don’t want our four-legged friends to leave their carbon foot print as well so, our dog grooming products are based on natural plant extracts and wont hurt our marine life.

Our rubber matting in the Day Care is from recycled rubber truck tyres, and has no nasty hidden chemicals, it’s also recyclable so it wont end up as landfill at the end of its life.
We also use biodegradable plastic bags.