In the News

“Porky pooches hit the treadmill after city living causes waistlines to bulge” – The Daily Telegraph, 7 June 2014
Porky pooches can hit the treadmill to make up for all those missed walks. Along with its doggy daycare for pets..


“Picture Editor Mariko Nissen’s pictures of the week” – The Daily Telegraph Galleries, 7 June 2014
Ferdi, Elfie, Banksy and Piper at Happy Paws Fitness Studio at Rushcutters Bay. Picture Craig Greenhill..


“It’s a walk in the park for Chris Hemsworth” – The Sydney Morning Herald, Life & Style, 18 May 2014
There are some stars who make it look hard. Between fighting with paparazzi..


“It’s no walk in the park if you’re a yuppie puppy” – The Australian, 13 January 2013
With many dog lovers finding themselves too exhausted for long walks when they get home…