Why should my dog go to day care?

Just like you do, your dog needs stimulation and excitement to get them through the day.  Instead of being bored at home and resorting to behavior such as sleeping all day, constant woofing, tearing the garden to shreds or eating your favourite pair of shoes, your dog will get the opportunity to exercise, interact with other dogs with like-minded personalities and will receive loads of attention and cuddles from the experienced staff at Happy Paws Fitness. Positive socialisation as a puppy or young dog is also invaluable at setting your dog up for a comfortable and happy life as a well balanced adult in the future.

What do I need to do to enrol my pooch in dog day care?

First of all, you will need to give us a call and book in a time for an assessment.  It is mandatory for all dogs to undertake a behavioural assessment before they can be enrolled in doggy day care at Happy Paws Fitness.  Our number one priority at Happy Paws Fitness is the safety of our staff and canines and we therefore need to ensure that any new dogs are free from aggressive, anxious and/or anti-social behaviours.  The assessment involves you bringing your dog to us for 20 minutes while we monitor his or her behaviour.  While all this happens, we will get you to fill out some brief paper work with some important information about you and your pup.  Provided the assessment is passed, you will be welcome to leave your K9 with us for the day or otherwise you will be free to book in whenever you desire!  We also require you bring your dog’s current vaccination certificate with you so that we can ensure the health and safety of all of our canine guests.

How old does my pup have to be to be able to enrol in doggy day care?

We require that all dogs be a minimum of 8 weeks of age and have had their second set of vaccinations.

Will Daycare be overwhelming for my new Puppy at First?

At Happy Paws Fitness, we recognise that young puppies need to be segregated from older dogs and require a lot more sleep during the day compared to adult dogs.  As a result, we have a designated “puppy crèche” area, where our younger members spend time socialising with each other and catching up on some much needed sleep! The daycare environment can be stimulating for a new pup as they adjust to the new experience, so we give ample encouragement, time out breaks in the puppy creche or a quiet spot in reception if needed.

I work really long hours in the office.  Do you have a pick up and drop off service for my dog?

Yes we do!  We do pick ups and drop offs in our specially equipped dog van to all suburbs in the Eastern Suburbs (for an additional fee).  Pick ups are generally done between 8.00am and 9.30am and drop homes usually occur any time between 4.30pm and 6.30pm.  Having said that, we appreciate that not everyone’s busy lives run on the same schedule, so we are will do our best to accommodate any specific timing requests as part of our Pet Taxi service.

I have a small dog that is shy and timid.  Will he or she be ok at Happy Paws Fitness?

Absolutely.  Our doggy day care facility is divided into separate rooms and our dogs are allocated to the various rooms depending on size and temperament.  This ensures that your K9 will spend his or her day with like-minded pals.   All dogs are under constant supervision by our experienced staff members.

Do you feed my dog?

We do not feed our dogs meals, but we are more than happy to do so upon request.

Should I bring my dog’s bedding and toys to dog day care?

No, not unless you would like to see them again!  We have an ample supply of Kong toys and Kazoo Pet & Fuzzyard bedding on hand for your pooch to enjoy whilst at doggy day care.

What happens if a dog becomes aggressive at dog day care?

All new dogs are required to undertake a behaviour assessment at Happy Paws Fitness.  This way, we can minimise the chances of any unwanted behaviour.  Our number one priority is the safety of our dogs and our staff, so we have a designated “time out” zone where dogs will be placed if they show any signs of anti-social behaviour.

What about the days that my pup is not at daycare?  Do you provide a separate dog walking service?

We sure do.  We recommend that for the days our canines are not at doggy day care, they join one of our group dog walks.  This is a separate service to doggy day care and involves us coming to pick up your dog, taking him or her somewhere fun (such as Centennial Park or Bondi Beach), enjoying a 45 minute walk (with three of his or her best pals), and then dropping your dog back home.  This will get your pup out of the house for at least an hour and a half and will break up their day.

Can I drop my dog in for a bath even if he or she is not at doggy day care?

You sure can.  Provided you book in advance, we would be delighted to give your dog a good shampoo, condition, blow dry and nail clip.  We’ll even clean out their ears for you.  Once we’re done with your K9, they will leave Happy Paws Fitness smelling like a rose! Bathing can be booked between 10am- 3.30 pm Monday to Friday or simply added on to a daycare visit.

I have run out of dog food!  Do you sell any?

Of course we do!  We sell a number of superior products for your dog.  We stock a full range of Hills Science Diet dog food, as well as the boutique brands like ZiwiPeak.  In addition to food, we stock a full range of tick, flea and worming medications from Advantix and Frontline to Drontal and Revolution.  You might even want to pick up a Kong toy, a packet of Greenies or a plush FuzzYard bed while you’re in!  And if we’re dropping your K9 home from dog day care or taking him or her out for a walk, we will even drop off supplies to you free of charge.

What is the Happy Paws Fitness Pedigree Club?

For a small fee of $10 per month, Happy Paws Fitness will: weigh your dog (and keep you in the loop), apply relevant tick and flea medications (as agree with you), clean out your dog’s ears, cut your dog’s nails, and provide you with a monthly report card.  The cost of all tick and flea medications is charged on top of the $10 monthly fee.