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Next Puppy School Intake at Happy Paws Fitness

AUGUST 15th 2016

Happy Paws Fitness has joined forces with Aggy Ager from Take A Lead.  From puppy school to individual adult consultations, Happy Paws Fitness can assist you and your dog in all behaviour areas.

About Our Trainer 

Aggy is an accredited NDTF (National Dog Trainers Federation) trained and an accredited Puppy School Instructor by Vicki Austin and is currently doing her CCPDT certification (certification council for professional dog trainers). Aggy is crazy about dogs and puppies and has been training dogs and puppies since 2009.

Each year Aggy spends a lot of time attending seminars and keeping up with dog behaviour training and research.
Before starting Take a Lead, Aggy previously ran AJ’s Dog training and has been holding puppy classes at Happy Paws Fitness and various Vet clinics in the eastern suburbs since 2009.

Puppy school

Did you know that between 8-16 weeks is the most important time in your dog’s life?  Events that occur during this formative period will eventually shape your puppy’s personality.  That is why Happy Paws Fitness is pleased to offer our popular puppy school program!
The details are as follows:

  • Courses run one night per week over a four consecutive weeks
  • Puppies must be between 8-16 weeks at the commencement of puppy class
  • Puppies must have had their first vaccination
  • All training methods are reward-based and fun!
  • Puppies who attend puppy school at Happy Paws Fitness are exempt from completing the behaviour assessment to commence dog day care

During puppy school at Happy Paws Fitness, dogs will learn: sit, come when called, stay, lie down, walk on a loose lead, leave things alone, relax and much more.  We also cover common problem issues such as: jumping, nipping and biting, barking, chewing and toilet training.  Socialisation is a big part of our puppy training classes and owners will learn how to safely introduce their puppy to other dogs, as well as independence exercises.

Dog training

Is your dog a party animal?  Are you sick of your dog’s barking, jumping, pulling on the lead and not coming when called?  For these, and more serious issues, Aggy Ager (in conjunction with Happy Paws Fitness) also offers private and in-home consultations as well as behaviour modification programs.  Aggy can achieve some amazing results via her training methods and also provides free on-going phone support for the life of your dog.


Puppy School classes can be booked either through Happy Paws Fitness on 9332 2338 (or in store), or directly with Aggy on 0424 209 242.

Private consultations and classes can be booked directly with Aggy

Credentials and More Information

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