Chauffeur Service



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The Happy Paws Fitness Chauffeur Service is a safe and friendly pick-up and drop-off service to help you get your pooch where he or she needs to be.

We can transport your pooch to and from day care; we can pick them up for a bath and drop them home smelling like a rose; we can even take them to the vet or drop home those 15kg bags of dog food for you.  Regardless of where they are going, our canine clients will be securely chauffeured in our dog-equipped, air-conditioned van.

Please note:

  • Specific pick up and drop home times can rarely be scheduled due to the daily changes in our schedule, however our staff can advise a window if you need to be home to grant us access. If you will use our chauffer service regularly, or even occasionally, please leave a spare key with our staff
  • Earliest pick up time is 8am approximately
  • Latest drop home time is 4.45pm approximately
  • Please see our pricing page for available drop off/pick up zones and costs