About us

Happy Paws Fitness is your dog’s home away from home and your one stop shop for all things canine related.  While our services and commitment are extensive, the pawlosophy of Happy Paws Fitness is simple: just as we live busy and exciting lives, so too should our four-legged best friends.

As Sydney’s most renowned dog day care  centre, Happy Paws Fitness understands that today’s hectic lifestyles makes it difficult to give our dogs the attention, structure, exercise and mental stimulation necessary for happy and well-rounded lives.  Whether your pooch is in for doggy day care, walkies, or even just a bath, we promise that when you are reunited with your pup at the end of the day, you’ll enjoy the company of a happier, healthier, well looked after and totally exhausted K9!

Located in Darlinghurst, Happy Paws Fitness first opened its doors in 2009 to support the growing number of people who treat their dogs as more than just pets.  We recognise our dogs as friends, companions and family members.  They are individuals with unique needs and personalities.  And as a result of this, we are dedicated to providing pet care in a safe, clean, healthy and fun environment.

Our passion for animal care at Happy Paws is so great, that we are proud to also sport one of the most Animal Friendly teams in Pet Care Australia wide- with no less than 4 Vegans and one Vegetarian playing integral roles in our small team. Our belief in the importance and happiness of our companions extends to every reach of our lives and the choices we make every day.

Happy Paws Fitness is a member of the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) and Pets Australia, the two main bodies in Australia that aim to create an environment of best practice and ongoing learning in the pet industry.