As some of you may know, our Director and business owner Julia Ward only recently took over Happy Paws Fitness in January 2014. Since that wonderful day, many positive changes have blossomed at Happy Paws Fitness.  Debuting last October, we have begun a new tradition that we hope to see grow each year as more pups and their owners embrace the fun – Halloween Dress Up!

Still an emerging concept to the great southern land, this celebration of the darker side of life and mischief has taken hold dramatically in the last few years, and of course we wouldn’t want to miss out on all that fun!  From the spooky to the adorable, the second annual dress up event bought out some kooky competition, with prizes for dogs in costume. For the second year running, Pippi the Pug was awarded first prize for her terrifying Croco-Pug costume. Well done you sassy little reptile!

Taking out second prize was Boomer the lovely and sensitive French Bulldog/ Cowardly Lion (Wizard of Oz).  Third prize was awarded to the adorable brother and sister duo, Alaskan Klee Klais Hero & Eevee the mystical Unicorn and devilish Vampire.  Well done for so much effort team, we look foreword to our other new tradition – our Sydney Oriented Mardi Gras dress up day next year to help celebrate our wonderful queer community of Australia!

Enjoy the photos and as always, give your pup a kiss from me X

Lolly (Happy Paws Fitness Co-Manager, Resident Vet nurse and Dogblogger)